Follow these step-by-step instructions for coping and pasting content into a blog post in WordPress.

Avoid copying formatting

It is suggested that you avoid copying and pasting your content from other websites or programs like Word. If you do copy content from another source, this content will retain its original formatting and could be different in style as the rest of your blog, resulting in a mismatch of text fonts and formatting and an overall unpleasant aesthetic appearance.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to copy and paste content into a blog post

  1. When writing or editing your post, select the Show/Hide Kitchen Sink button, which is found at the top-right of your editor. This will allow an extra row of formatting buttons to appear.
  2. When pasting content from Word, select the Paste from Word button. If your content is from another outside source, select the Paste as Plain Text button.
  3. A small editor window will open. Paste your content into this box, and then select Insert.
  4. Your copied content is now pasted into your post without any outside formatting, and will match the style of your blog.