Creating a new event

  1. Select All Events
  2. Select the + NEW EVENT button.

Adding an image or icon to your event

When selecting an image or icon for your event, you can either upload a new image or select an existing image.

Appropriate alternative text is required for any image.

Uploading a new image

Select your image. It should be:

  • Square and no less than 500 x 500px
  • Saved as a .jpg (preferred)
  • Prepared so the most critical feature of the image is in the center. Note: If chosen as a feature image, the edges may be cropped.

  1. Click on the picture icon.
  2. Go to Sites > Calendar > _ImageUploads
  3. Select the UPLOAD button.
  4. Select + ADD or drag file from desktop.
  5. Select image > click OPEN
  6. Select the START UPLOAD button.
  7. Select your uploaded image and then INSERT.
  8. Input appropriate alternative text for your selected image.

Selecting an existing image or icon

Click on the picture icon. For available icons:
  • Go to Sites > Calendar > _EventIcons
For available location photos:
  • Go to Sites > Calendar > _LocationPhotos
  • Select your image or icon and then INSERT.
  • Provide alternative text.

Adding organizers and categories to your event

  1. Select the organizer from the drop-down menu
  2. Add a category(s)
  3. You must add a category that matches the organizer selected

    Image Placeholder
  4. You may add a maximum of 2 additional categories that describe your event
  5. Reference the Category Guide for additional details
  6. Select the location
  7. Indicate cost and add a link to purchase tickets, if applicablez

Publishing your event

To publish an event, simply select the PUBLISH button when editing the event.

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