Adding Categories

Categories are descriptive keywords that help organize your events, making it easier for users to find them. Categories also ensure your events will appear in the correct calendar feeds across our websites. Categories are added to events on the calendar event administration pages. Please use categories sparingly and follow the specific requirements mentioned below.

  • Audience Categories: Audience categories are optional, but if you choose to include them, you can use appropriate categories to describe your target audience in the Categories field.
  • Organizer Categories: Organizer categories, previously known as "Sponsors," are mandatory for all events. These categories generally mirror Missouri State department, unit and organization names. They can be added in the Categories field.
  • Required Categories: You must include a category that matches the Organizer name for all events in the Categories field. Please refer to the guidelines below to know how departments and units are categorized.
  • Additional Categories: It is recommended to not add more than three additional categories in the Categories field. These categories should be relevant to the university and please keep in mind that they can be used by other units. *Please use existing, approved categories whenever possible and avoid creating one-off, event-specific categories.

View the Category Guide

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